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Web-To-Print Store Fronts

Storefronts are login-required websites tailored to your company's specific needs. With GOePower, you can create an unlimited number of customer storefronts.

The benefits of GOePower's Web to Print Storefronts include:

Order Management
Easily manage your orders from one screen by leaving notes on each order, change status, update specifications, add shipment information, print tickets, and much more.
Product Catalogs
Create custom product catalogs for each of your customers that are only viewable through their private login. Track product inventory and add products so that your customers can easily place print orders with you.
Product Personalization
GOePower's personalization and variable data component of the storefront allows your customers to quickly customize, proof, and approve documents directly from the web. You'll receive a press-ready PDF file immediately after the order is placed. Avoid having your customers complete tedious steps online and focus only on printing.
Approval Workflow
Easily define which users need ordering approval and which users can approve orders. When a user with limited permissions places an order, users with approval capabilities are automatically notified by email to complete the approval process.
Inventory Control
Manage current inventory levels and inventory history with GOePower's inventory control capabilities. Your customers may view inventory details and view orders placed against the inventoried product.
Job Ticketing
Generate a job ticket for each order your customers place and receive all information in a summarized sheet for your records.
Pricing Calculators
Provide instant pricing information to your customers based on the options they select. Enter and store pricing data directly into an Excel spreadsheet which you can update and upload into GOePower for automatic updates on your pricing information.
Printer Control Panel
Use your unique user name and password to login into the GOePower control panel to create additional users, add clients, manage orders, provide estimates, check inventory, and more.
User Management
Create unlimited number of users for each of your customer accounts to easily track who placed each order. Assign a variety of permission levels to each user to better manage the ordering capabilities of each user.
Custom Design
Customize the visual branding of each customer storefront. Personalize the storefront for your customer with their specific brand assets.

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