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Web-To-Print Integrated Services

RACAD Tech's focus on open architecture for its GOePower system opens up integration possibilities with 3rd party systems. Systems need to communicate with each other to provide value to you and your customers. Racad has facilitated many migrations for various companies. Each one has various systems that require communications with Go ePower in some for or other. The basic principle when it comes to implementing these integrations is simplicity.

Racad Tech has integrated with numerous third party solutions that include:

Pre-flighting: PitStop – EnFocus plug-in

MIS: Avanti

MIS: Amos

Mailing Data & Merge: Mailer's Haven

1-to-1 / Cross Media: XMPie

Print Personalization: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop


PayPal and Online Banking Integration
Accept credit card payments from your customers with PayPal or any online bank you currently bank with. GOePower provides you with an easy means of accepting all major credit cards. There are no monthly fees and your customers do not need a PayPal account to provide you with payment. Additionally, GOePower provides its licencees with up to 60 different payment providers located around the globe to enable GOePower to service printers around the world.
Shipping: UPS, Fedex and Australia Post Integration
Provide real time shipping costs to your customers during the ordering process with UPS and Fedex integration. You define which UPS shipment classes you want to make available to your customers and the price will automatically update based upon your courier account numbers, shipping postal code, and destination postal code.

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