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Web-To-Print Case Studies

Print Center, Canada

A print center of over 70 locations across Canada, offers everything from one-off copies for walk-in customers to full-color offset printing. Traditionally, they used an FTP site to accept customer files. Customers that wished to use the FTP site would contact one of their locations and request a username and password. Additionally, accessing the FTP site was not intuitive and users were required to access the site differently depending on their operating system.

They wanted to find a new web-to-print solution that was more accessible, easier to administer, and worked for Mac and PC users. Ultimately, they wanted a very straightforward, easy-to-use solution for non-tech- savvy customers. Throughout the first seven weeks, they accepted more than 3,000 jobs from more than 500 customers on the GO ePower's GoPrint2 web-to-print solution. GO Print 2 is a GO ePower module that can also be purchased as a standalone module to integrate with any web-to-print or MIS systems.

Trade Printer, Texas

A wholesale printer offering a wide variety of print products for individuals and businesses - from business cards, postcards to personalized labels. In the past, they were using a homegrown online proofing system to fulfill their web-to-print needs. Their web presence and online system was a major component of their business. When the maintenance of their proprietary technology became financially intolerable and economically inefficient - this trade printer decided to look for an alternative technology that could on the one hand, duplicate existing functionality while offering newer alternatives. To further facilitate the technology switch, Racad also decoded their proprietary file formats to enable GO ePower to host the files and facilitate orders through these files. Lastly, they wanted a system that would improve their online user experience, but would also be a reasonable financial value.

Trade Printer, Florida

A large Florida trade printer had a desire to dramatically improve their online presence. They wanted to remove the complexities in their current site and create a user-friendly experience. To do so, they required a system that could reverse engineer their account templates, store fronts, as well as their current user files. With nearly 100 companies, 250 users, and 500 cost centres, GO ePower had the daunting task of transforming their current system in two short months.

Print Corporation, Canada

A large print corporation of over 60 privately-owned franchises across Canada offer a variety of services, from basic copying, to large-scale promotional materials. They're no stranger to new technology initiatives and actively promote forward thinking. They were active supporters of web-to-print technology from its early stages. Their current provider was failing to accommodate customer requests and offered few updates. They decided to go in a different direction in order to take their business forward. They wanted an innovative web-to-print solution that would provide online ordering and fulfillment with added financial value.

After thorough research, they chose Racad and GO ePower to fulfill their web-to-print needs. Racad was quick to adapt and exceeded expectations. With the help of Racad, they not only were able to acquire their first web-to-print client, but they continue to be the only franchise network that can accommodate national accounts for national brands across Canada.

Independent Printing Shop, North America

An independent business printing shop specializes in corporate printing for businesses across North America was no stranger to web-to-print technology and have been using it for years through in-house personnel. The company VP no longer wanted to tie up human resources with web-to-print and decided to look to GO ePower for a solution.

They were more than pleased with the results. With Racad and GO ePower, the team has been able to focus on sales and print fulfillment, leaving web-to-print in more than capable hands. GO ePower was able to create new storefronts and product, as well as serve as an online product catalogue. They were also able to provide online billing, invoicing, and shipping solutions. By switching to GO ePower, they have saved approximately $25,000 in HR salaries in their first year of operations. They've added 23 new companies, 1139 new users, and over 3,620 new printing jobs within 6 months.