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Web-To-Print Web Services

The GOePower website services gives you the power to have and manage a fully branded informational website for your print store that is search optimized to attract new prospective customers.

The benefits of GOePower website services include:

Business Credibility
Racad Tech can create a professional looking website that properly reflects the high quality of your print services.
Content Management
Easily import graphics, build tables, add hyperlinks, format text, embed PDF's, and insert Flash animations. No HTML is required.
Easy File Transfers
Use GOePower's internet based file transfer tools to allow your customers to send you any digital files for printing, no matter how large. Using the GoPrint2 file transfer module which is compatible with GOePower, you can receive large files and even get them PDF'ed upon sending as an install on your customer's website, through a desktop drob box or via a branded file upload portal that is consistent with the rest of your website.
Site Maintenance
With Racad's web site services, you can easily manage nearly every aspect of your site making updates quick and simple.
Online Proofing
With GOePower, you can provide soft proofs directly on your website. Emailing a PDF to a customer can become very problematic with larger files, so use GOePower's online proofing.
Website Design
Use custom or template based web designs with GOePower.
File Transfer
Receive files from your customers and send files to your vendors using a variety of file transfer tools that are easy to use.
Email Notifications
As an added bonus, you will receive an email notification every time a customer uploads a file. No more checking and re-checking to see if that file has arrived.
Our system is compatible with the most commonly used analytics software's to generate reports to show the number of visitors to your website. Find out which pages are most popular and receive monthly reports.
File Uploads
Allow your customers to upload multiple large files to you directly from your website. A status bar showing upload progress and estimated completion time will appear on your customer's screen during upload process.
QR Code Engine
Receive QR codes delivered in a high resolution EPS file format with GOePower's QR Code engine built into our industry-leading variable data printing systems. Automatically generate QR codes for business cards, sell sheets, and other templated print products.

To learn more about our GoePower website services, contact us.